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Personal advice and wealth management.

Investec Press Thumbnail

Investec Press

Investec Wealth Strategies has been recognized as a Top Houston-Area Wealth Manager. The firm has been featured in many publications, including the Houston Business Journal, Financial Advisor Magazine, Wealth & Finance International, and the Houston Chronicle.

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Imagine You're Dead—Now What? Thumbnail

Imagine You're Dead—Now What?

You don’t do estate planning just for yourself. The documents the estate attorney produces are important, but there are other things you can do now to show your love for your heirs. Don’t leave behind a mess.

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3 Things to Consider Before You Retire Thumbnail

3 Things to Consider Before You Retire

Thinking of retiring? It’s certainly a matter of “can you afford it?” But we think a well-informed decision takes into account other factors as well, factors that may not be as black and white as your lump sum pension or your 401(k) balance. Read our thoughts on making a tough decision.

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