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John & Sue's Big RV Adventure! Thumbnail

John & Sue's Big RV Adventure!

We had talked before about taking an RV around the States, as we had done in Europe in the 70’s, but the draw of far-flung countries always pulled us away. Then came COVID-19 and we were destined to remain in Houston through a long, lonely, hot summer... Our wonderful kids suggested we take three months and do that road trip we had talked about over the years!

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A Conversation on "Staying the Course" Thumbnail

A Conversation on "Staying the Course"

Did the tough days in the stock market that we experienced in March tempt you to bail out and go to cash? Seeing a sharp decline in the value of your portfolio is very painful. Experience suggests long-term investors should remember that “time in the market beats timing the market.” For some historical perspective, keep reading for a conversation with a hypothetical client named Gloria about “staying the course.”

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For a Time Such as This Thumbnail

For a Time Such as This

Social distancing to avoid the coronavirus will give us back time we might have spent elsewhere. But in a few months (we hope it's only a few), we will have gotten through this. You will look back at how you spent the extra time you were given. What will you remember? Being paralyzed by fear and cooped up in your home?

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