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Personal advice and wealth management.

Be a Smart Credit Card Consumer Thumbnail

Be a Smart Credit Card Consumer

Often times, the decision as to which credit card to use is made with not a lot of research or foresight. This causes consumers to sign up for credit cards that do not fit their needs, incorrectly use their card, overspend, and worse, fall into a never-ending debt cycle.

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For a Time Such as This Thumbnail

For a Time Such as This

Social distancing to avoid the coronavirus will give us back time we might have spent elsewhere. But in a few months (we hope it's only a few), we will have gotten through this. You will look back at how you spent the extra time you were given. What will you remember? Being paralyzed by fear and cooped up in your home?

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Is the World Getting Better or Worse? Thumbnail

Is the World Getting Better or Worse?

If you ask a large number of people whether the world is getting better, recent surveys suggest an overwhelming percentage would say "no." In 2015, over 18,000 adults from high-income countries were polled. In none of the countries did more than 10% agree that "all things considered, the world is getting better." But there's a lot of evidence to suggest that by many measures, the world is getting better.

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"Are You Sure One Kidney is Enough?" Thumbnail

"Are You Sure One Kidney is Enough?"

In the face of uncertainty in forecasting years into the future, many figure that more is always better. For many, trying to determine how much of a portfolio is "enough" is too imprecise, too subjective, too risky an exercise to quantify. At least that's conventional wisdom.

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To Buy or To Rent? Thumbnail

To Buy or To Rent?

Many studies show the current generation of young adults are hitting major milestones later than previous generations. These include moving out, getting married, starting a family, and buying a home. While the idea might sound nice, buying a home isn’t something everyone needs to strive for ASAP. There are various factors to consider when deciding if you should buy a home or continue to rent.

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So Make Good Memories! Thumbnail

So Make Good Memories!

The culture in our consumer-led economy suggests that it's the acquisition of things that leads to happiness. One can argue that purchasing an object rather than a one-off experience like a vacation or a concert will make one happier longer because that item lasts longer than the experience. Research suggests that’s not the case.

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Somehow, the World Will Go On Thumbnail

Somehow, the World Will Go On

Our new ease of access to information brings issues of the world into the spotlight and gives them a larger audience than may have been the case in the past. This is not to say people should be ignorant of current events, but before succumbing to fears generated by headlines, take the time to synthesize the information critically and form your own opinions on the matter.

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Paying Too Much for Part D Prescriptions? Thumbnail

Paying Too Much for Part D Prescriptions?

Health care experts recently confirmed an interesting phenomenon amongst participants of Medicare Part D prescription drug plans. Although plans can change their costs, their networks, and their drug formularies each year, few people switch plans. Why?

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