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Personal advice and wealth management.

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Imagine You're Dead—Now What? Thumbnail

Imagine You're Dead—Now What?

You don’t do estate planning just for yourself. The documents the estate attorney produces are important, but there are other things you can do now to show your love for your heirs. Don’t leave behind a mess.

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To Buy or To Rent? Thumbnail

To Buy or To Rent?

Many studies show the current generation of young adults are hitting major milestones later than previous generations. These include moving out, getting married, starting a family, and buying a home. While the idea might sound nice, buying a home isn’t something everyone needs to strive for ASAP. There are various factors to consider when deciding if you should buy a home or continue to rent.

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Estate Planning in the Digital Age Thumbnail

Estate Planning in the Digital Age

We have all faced the question “What will our loved ones do if something unexpected happens to us?” To address that question, most of us have put safety nets in place. But as more and more of our lives become digital, another question arises: “Have we taken steps to ensure that our loved ones will have access and rights to our digital assets and our online presence?”

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It's a Balance Thumbnail

It's a Balance

Google “Millennial savings” or any variation of that and you’ll see polarizing headlines. One study says young people are clueless about financial markets, while another study touts us as financially shrewd. There are stories about how we save more than other generations, and just as many about how we haven’t saved a dime.

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Having “That Conversation” With Your Children Thumbnail

Having “That Conversation” With Your Children

Your kids can find out about your estate plan after you’re gone, sitting in an estate attorney’s office as they go through the will or trust document. Or, you can explain your plans and clarify your intentions by having a talk with your heirs yourself. Here are some lessons we’ve learned from discussing our estate plan with our kids.

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Somehow, the World Will Go On Thumbnail

Somehow, the World Will Go On

Our new ease of access to information brings issues of the world into the spotlight and gives them a larger audience than may have been the case in the past. This is not to say people should be ignorant of current events, but before succumbing to fears generated by headlines, take the time to synthesize the information critically and form your own opinions on the matter.

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