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About Our Fees

Transparent: Our fees are detailed each quarter on your performance report.

All inclusive: Our fees cover all of the time we spend developing and maintaining your personal wealth plan. No additional charges for phone calls, emails, or meetings with you.

Reasonable: See the 2021 Schwab Benchmarking Study below for how our fees compare to those of our peers.

Easy to understand: Our fees are billed quarterly, in arrears, based on the fee schedule shown below.

Why we charge the way we do: In addition to what’s stated above, our approach minimizes conflicts of interest—we are only compensated by our clients, not by any fund for promoting their product. Our approach underscores the benefits of a long-term relationship with our clients—it’s not a “once and done” transactional fee. Finally, our approach doesn’t discourage contact by our clients—the meter doesn’t run when you talk to your advisor.

Advisory Fee Schedule

1.00% On the first $750k
0.75% On the next $750k
0.50% On the next $1 million
0.40% On the next $7.5 million
0.20% On the next $10 million
Negotiable On assets in excess of $20 million

Want to see how much your fee would be with us? Type in the amount to be managed and find out.

The chart below is taken from Charles Schwab's annual benchmarking study. It compares Investec's fees (the blue line) to over 1,000 other independent, Registered Investment Advisors across the country. As you can see, Investec's fees are very reasonable compared to our peers. (BPS stands for basis points. 100 basis points = 1%.)