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Energy Industry Professionals – Success Story

With decades of working with energy industry professionals, both before and during retirement, we’ve helped many clients address questions about how they can maximize the value of their company benefits and incentive compensation. One of our advisors, Doug Garrison, spent a career with ExxonMobil Human Resources, a part of which was as manager of U.S. Benefits.

Bob and Sally

Explanation of ExxonMobil Earning Bonus Units (EBU’s) Thumbnail

Explanation of ExxonMobil Earning Bonus Units (EBUs)

EBUs are “Earning Bonus Units,” which ExxonMobil employees may be awarded each year as part of their incentive bonus compensation. For those who receive both cash bonuses and EBUs, typically the EBUs are approximately equal to the cash bonus, i.e., half of the annual bonus component of incentive awards is paid through EBUs.

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How Much ExxonMobil NUA Stock is Too Much? Thumbnail

How Much ExxonMobil NUA Stock is Too Much?

Mae West, an iconic 20th century American actress, singer, comedian and sex symbol, reportedly once said “Too much of a good thing is wonderful.” We’re pretty sure Mae wasn’t talking about net unrealized appreciation (NUA). But Mae’s observation raises a valid question. “Can there be too much of this good thing, this NUA?”

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