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Our Team

Today, more than ever, Certified Financial PlannersTM are an essential partner in financial planning. We take pride in our seasoned team of experts, fully personalized service, ongoing guidance for turbulent markets, advice for every generation of your family, and objective financial strategies, not sales pitches. The better you do, the better we do.

John Goott, CFP®, AIF® Photo
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John Goott, CFP®, AIF®

Founding Principal

John Goott, CFP®, AIF® | Founding Principal


"I believe in being respectful but very direct and collaborative with clients, always recognizing they ultimately make their own choices. Financial planning can create financial independence. Wealth is a privilege that should be used to help families lead fulfilling lives, including looking after the well-being of those less fortunate."

As a young boy in South Africa, I accompanied my father on extended trips into the countryside on my school holidays. Dad managed the wholesale division of a shoe manufacturer, and once a year he would accompany his sales representatives to meet the buyers in their retail stores. These outings showed me that Dad liked to build relationships with his clients one at a time and taught me the value of getting to listen to and know clients well. I decided that one day I wanted to have my own business where I could also develop close relationships with my clients.

After discovering through personal experience that conducting time and motion studies in a lumber yard wasn't the career for me, I entered the financial services industry, where I developed a passion for helping people with their personal and financial issues. I used the lessons my father taught me to build good long-term relationships with my clients and continued through the years to learn all I could to serve them well.

I was privileged to be elected the National President of Jaycee (Junior Chamber of Commerce) South Africa while still in my late 20's. During my time in office we hosted the World Congress of Jaycees International in South Africa, bringing together passionate young leaders from sixty-seven countries around the world. Two years later I was elected as a Vice President of Jaycees International (JCI) and assigned to the United States and Canada, where I traveled extensively.

Though I enjoyed much early success, my wife, Sue, and I were not in favor of South African government policies and concluded that our family would have greater opportunities and a more secure future in the United States. Our young family arrived in Houston in 1981, not knowing another soul. My early financial planning career in Houston involved a lot of walking around malls looking for prospective clients. I founded Investec in 1984 and have been blessed with a wonderful group of loyal clients and staff members who have helped us make the firm a success.

I have always involved myself in community affairs and organizations. Among these activities, I served as a Board member for SEARCH homeless services for 7 years through June 2015, a non-profit organization that offers support to Houston’s homeless population. I also served on their Budget and Finance Committee and Chaired the Investment Committee. In addition, I am a past Board member and Chair of the Community Relations Committee of the Jewish Federation of Greater Houston, and served on the Federation’s Budget and Finance committee for many years, through 2019.

I am fortunate to work together with my two children, Candice and Daniel, who live in Houston with their spouses and our five energetic grandchildren. Reminiscing to the days on the road with my father, I have developed a passion for classic cars of that era. I attend classic car auctions around the country and enjoy driving my two classic cars, a 1957 Chevy Bellaire hardtop and a 1963 Mercedes Benz Cabriolet. I play golf, not because I'm particularly good at it, but because I enjoy getting out and it's a great opportunity to spend time with people.

Daniel Goott, CFP®, CIMA® Photo
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Daniel Goott, CFP®, CIMA®


Daniel Goott, CFP®, CIMA® | Principal

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"Financial planning is about listening to people and trying to understand where they are coming from. I love learning about clients, their lives, their views, and their families, and then putting together what I know to help them do the things they dream about without worrying about financial stress."

My parents taught me from a very early age the value of a dollar. They also instilled in me an appreciation for hard work and entrepreneurship. We were fortunate to have everything we needed but were never spoiled. I still have the first two dollars I ever earned from babysitting in a glass frame to remind me of the importance of passing those values on to my own children.

I received my BBA from the University of Texas in Austin in 1998. I have always loved Texas and wanted to stay in our great state even though I had opportunities to study elsewhere.

I tell people that my first job after college was in financial services. But really, my first job was tending bar at an Irish pub in Peru during a four-month trip through South America. When I got back from my travels, I knew that my future was in financial planning. I've always been a numbers guy, and I love being able to help people. What we do touches so many aspects of our clients' lives, and I enjoy the mix of emotional and financial work that I have experienced since starting as a financial advisor in 1999 with Prudential Securities and then joining Investec in 2003.

Over the years since then, I have enjoyed working with John and Investec clients. I’ve had a special interest in finding ways to utilize technology in the business without jeopardizing the “high touch” personal service we offer our clients. For some thoughts on our corporate culture, click here.

As a way to give back to the community, I currently serve on the Board of Trustees for the Jewish Federation of Greater Houston as well as the Board of Trustees and Finance Committee of The Shlenker School. In addition, I am also active in Bellaire Little League and West U Softball Association where I help coach my kids' teams.

My wife and I live in Bellaire with our three children. We love the small-town feel Bellaire has and enjoy the experience of living in a small city inside of a larger one. Our community is close-knit and we have wonderful neighbors. My favorite activity is to be with my wife and children. Though I don't have much free time with three young kids, I enjoy playing golf and tennis.

Doug Garrison, CFP®, MBA Photo
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Doug Garrison, CFP®, MBA

Senior Wealth Advisor

Doug Garrison, CFP®, MBA | Senior Wealth Advisor

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"Throughout my professional life, it's been very satisfying to help people take charge of their affairs. Financial planning enables clients to focus on what's important to them. They gain greater confidence that they're not making big mistakes and that they'll not run out of money before they run out of breath."

At the age of 6, I helped my older brother wash supper dishes. We had to pay for a neighbor's window we had broken playing baseball in the backyard. The quarters we earned each night landed in a smelly pickle jar, and eventually paid for the window. That was an early lesson about the value of earning money.

Raised in a small town in the Midwest, it was likely student diversity that got me into Yale University. After graduation, I spent three years in the Peace Corps in Brazil, followed by earning an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. I spent the next 30+ years with ExxonMobil in a rewarding career in Human Resources. Unfortunately, my golf game isn't good enough to justify spending much time on it, and my wife, Geni, says she married me for better or for worse, but not for lunch. So I went back to school. I obtained my Certified Financial Planner™ designation, and began working at Investec in 2011. I enjoy the collaboration with clients, most of whom are good friends. Given my experience and familiarity with corporate benefits, it's also rewarding to help clients who are approaching retirement evaluate the options they have as they prepare for the next chapter in their lives.

Geni and I have three grown daughters. We enjoy volunteering at our church, and getting involved with a couple of large charities we support. We also enjoy travel and have taken biking vacations in several countries in Europe and South Africa over the years. They've given me the chance to practice my skills at photography along the way. I've completed a few marathons and half marathons that I'm happy to talk about. Ask me about "investing for the long run!"

Margarita Barcenas, CFP®, MBA Photo
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Margarita Barcenas, CFP®, MBA

Senior Wealth Advisor

Margarita Barcenas, CFP®, MBA | Senior Wealth Advisor

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"As I was growing up, my father frequently said, 'Always do your best…you leave footprints everywhere you go, and you never know who’s watching.' Years later, as I was completing my MBA, I worked nights as a hostess at a local downtown restaurant. One evening, a couple who came in regularly pulled me aside to ask why I was working there – they thought I was “overqualified” for the job. I told them that I was completing my Master’s in finance, and looking for a job in wealth management. Shortly thereafter, I was hired at my first firm. That couple became my first million dollar client. My dad's advice has served me well not only as a life lesson, but also as an enduring approach to wealth management clients."

My focus on client care began in my first career as a psychotherapist. It carried over as I decided to study finance and found new ways to assist clients in defining their life goals. Training in psychology and finance has enabled me to employ perspective, discipline and a long-term view in crafting holistic financial plans for clients. With bilingual capability, I can also help clients who may be more comfortable speaking Spanish than English. In my experience, clients are looking for solutions that will meet their economic needs long-term and give them psychological peace of mind.

Out of the office, I am passionate about volunteering, and can generally be found at various University of Houston Bauer Alumni and sports events, as well as serving on the boards of the Financial Planning Association of Houston and the University of Houston Cougar Investment Fund. Through my volunteering efforts at UH, I met my husband Kevin, and we have made our home in Garden Oaks. We enjoy traveling, surfing, playing outside, cooking and entertaining friends. He’s an avid cyclist and runner, and once a year convinces me to participate in a sprint triathlon with him.

Jonathan Salvato, CFP®, CRPC® Photo
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Jonathan Salvato, CFP®, CRPC®

Wealth Advisor

Jonathan Salvato, CFP®, CRPC® | Wealth Advisor

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“It is a privilege to work as a Financial Advisor in this industry. Throughout my career, I have provided clarity, perspective, and peace of mind to clients. Building trusted relationships and helping people reach their financial goals is a fulfilling endeavor.”

Growing up here in Houston, I earned my Bachelor’s degree from Texas A&M University in 2002 and went on to start my career as a Financial Advisor near Washington, D.C. A few years later, I transferred to Chicago and learned valuable lessons working with people during the financial crisis of 2008. During those difficult times, I learned to look beyond clients’ financial data and embrace the human element of their financial situations. While financial matters are typically characterized by numbers, it’s the people behind those numbers who are the keystone of any financial plan. I enjoy having the opportunity to provide financial solutions that can positively impact clients’ lives.

As a Financial Advisor, I’ve worked with a variety of clients at both large corporations and small offices. Working with a diverse client base has allowed me to gain experience, insight and more importantly, knowledge. While no two financial situations are the same, financial planning principles of discovery, collaboration and management remain the same.

Although I have lived in different parts of this country, Houston has always been home. I enjoy spending free time with my two kiddos, fishing, and gardening. I also follow a variety of professional and college sports.

Liem Hoang, CFP®, JD* Photo
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Liem Hoang, CFP®, JD*

Associate Wealth Advisor

Liem Hoang, CFP®, JD* | Associate Wealth Advisor

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“Being a wealth advisor allows me the unique opportunity to participate in helping clients determine their various financial and personal needs, and then assisting them in navigating through eventual obstacles that they encounter while attempting to reach their financial goals. Comparisons to a travel agent and adventure tour guide don’t fully address the significance of working with a client family and their lifetime savings, but may provide some notion of how I see the role and why I enjoy it.”

Growing up in a modest Louisiana town as a child of Vietnamese immigrants and small business owners, I early on developed an understanding of hard work and the value of money. My parents also instilled in me the importance of having a strong work ethic and a thirst for knowledge.

I attended Louisiana State University and received my B.S. in International Trade and Finance and a B.A. in German in 2004, followed by a law degree (Juris Doctorate) in 2009. During a summer in college, I worked on the BMW assembly line in Regensburg, Germany. That was a wonderful opportunity to meet and work with immigrants from all over the world. My time in Germany opened my eyes to many things that I wasn’t accustomed to, and forced me to adapt to environments and situations that were outside my comfort zone. After law school, I moved to Houston, wanting to be part of a diverse culture. Houston offers many opportunities to meet people of differing cultures (as well as the chance to try a variety of cuisines!).

After practicing law for a few years, I realized that my passion was in wealth planning and developing a deeper understanding of capital markets. I embarked on a journey of obtaining my Certified Financial Planner™ designation, and I am currently a CFA candidate. In my spare time, I am an avid golfer, although my current golf scores on a not-so-good day compare unfavorably with summer temperatures in Houston. I also enjoy reading and fishing, and reside in Katy.

*Investec is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice

Mark Grenader, JD*, CPA**/PFS℠ Photo
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Mark Grenader, JD*, CPA**/PFS℠

Senior Financial Planner

Mark Grenader, JD*, CPA**/PFS℠ | Senior Financial Planner


"Every day brings the opportunity for new challenges and learning as we sort through, guide, and organize the sometimes chaotic financial lives of our clients. I relish that over time I can help bring peace of mind and trust to my clients."

In the early years of my career, when I prepared tax returns as a public accountant, I was often a scorekeeper for my clients' financial successes and failures. One significant failure was a client's ill-considered investment in a partnership for tax credits in the overseas syndication of a 1983 Vincent Price horror movie called "Bloodbath in the House of Death." The actual bloodbath occurred when the IRS disallowed the credits and imposed hefty penalties and interest on the client. I remember thinking to myself: "If only the client had received guidance beforehand to understand the significant risks of that investment." As a wealth manager, I can be proactive in helping my clients avoid mistakes that can severely impact their financial futures.

I started my university studies at Tulane University so my college years wouldn't be a continuation of high school at the University of Texas at Austin. Sixteen out of twenty-three of my Houston third-grade classmates attended UT, and I wanted to broaden my horizons. However, by sophomore year, missing a decent football team to cheer, I transferred to UT for the next seven football seasons, earning a BBA in Finance and my J.D.

I abandoned my plans for a career in law when I decided that I liked numbers more than words. I went straight from passing the Texas bar exam to the tax departments of several top ten CPA firms. After 15 years of tax in public accounting at KPMG and Grant Thornton, I realized I wanted to take a more hands-on role in helping guide people on their road to financial security. In 1993, opportunity struck on a river in Costa Rica where John Goott and I met on a whitewater rafting trip. After several discussions, I shifted from public accounting to wealth strategies and planning at Investec.

I am a native Houstonian who loves mild winters and air-conditioned summers. I take pride in my Texas heritage with its rich history of independence and individualism. My wife, Shelly, and I have three wonderful daughters: Melissa, Jessica, and Lauren. In my free time, I am an avid photographer. Photography helps me to see life from different perspectives and the process of capturing people, places, and things opens up creative approaches to the world we live in.

*Investec is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice

**Investec is not a CPA firm and does not provide tax advice

Julie Banda Photo
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Julie Banda

Senior Client Services Associate

Julie Banda | Senior Client Services Associate


"Planning is the foundation for each service that we provide and each decision we make."

As I was growing up, my role model for a working woman was my mother. She'd get up every morning and go to work. She rarely missed work, and if she did, she'd work that much harder to make up for not being there. She worked hard for her money and made it a point not to spend it on anything that wasn't necessary for the family. She was a very strong, independent woman, and I knew I wanted to grow up and be just like her: hard-working and smart with money.

Before joining Investec in 1999, I worked in customer service at a local grocery chain and attended Bradford School of Business. Over the years at Investec, I've learned so much. I've gotten to know so many clients on a personal level. To know that our clients have trust in us makes me proud, and I am committed to upholding that trust.

My husband and I live in Katy with our two children, Railene and Jiel. We've lived there for over a dozen years. We enjoy taking small trips around Texas and exploring different cities. When I'm not working, I like to spend time with my family and play basketball.

Traci Diedrich Photo
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Traci Diedrich

Operations & Client Relationship Manager

Traci Diedrich | Operations & Client Relationship Manager


"Early in my career, someone told me, 'A plan without implementation is just a hallucination.' That simple statement resonated with me then, and continues to do so today. Personal plans or financial plans—they all require effort and energy to become a reality."

My family impressed upon me from an early age the importance of managing one's money. "Control your money, or it will control you," was frequently preached. My parents' ability to do that, along with their efforts to provide their children with security and quality of life, influenced my attitude towards finances and the value of hard work.

My path to the financial services industry began in my hometown of Austin, TX. I progressed from an executive assistant role working for several executives into human resources and operations before moving to my husband's hometown of Houston, in late 2008. Here, I was fortunate to find a position with a wealth management firm which was my first introduction to the true value this industry could bring to their clients. Despite the tumultuous financial environment in 2008-2009, my small wealth management firm was able to grow and thrive. I saw clients enter our office filled with worry and doubt, and leave with relief and clarity. That was very satisfying. It reinforced my desire to provide them with customized service through operational efficiencies as well as an exceptional client experience. At Investec, my focus will continue to be that of ensuring that relationships within our team, with our business partners, and especially with our clients, are meaningful and impactful.

My husband, a Houston firefighter, and I live in the Jersey Village area with our three children. We stay very busy with kids' activities. But we also find time to travel to Galveston to play at the beach or to visit family and friends in Austin.

Candice Frank Photo
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Candice Frank

Client Services Associate

Candice Frank | Client Services Associate


"Financial security is an important reminder to be grateful and live life well every day. I strive to make sure my family is protected and enjoy helping our clients find that same peace of mind in planning for retirement."

Moving from South Africa to America in the early 80's, my family encountered a number of challenges. For my Dad, it meant pounding the pavement in search of clients. For my Mom, it meant budgeting, making tough decisions for the family, and ensuring that her children were on the right track. For me, an eight-year-old kid at the time, leaving my cousins behind meant I had to start making new friends.

As an adult, I look back on this time and realize I learned a number of enduring lessons from the experience: the importance of hard work and dedication from my father, an example of strength and perseverance from my mother, and perhaps above all, the value and importance of family and friends.

Taking care of family has been a recurring career theme for me as well. After getting my BBA in Finance from the University of Texas at Austin, I moved to Los Angeles and worked at Wilshire Associates. Subsequently, I joined Johnson & Johnson in sales and moved back to Houston. After an extended time off to raise my children, Kayla and Colin, I returned to work, this time in the family business my Dad started 35+ years ago, with roots in that pounded pavement. My primary responsibilities include research and support services to our Corporate 401(k) and Defined Benefit clients. Helping participants put in place necessary steps to achieve financial success in retirement and protect their loved ones is a great example of "taking care of family."

My husband and I keep busy with two teenagers, experiencing their growth as they prepare for the college admissions process and the start of high school! We also love to travel and connect with friends both here in Houston as well as far away.

Sue Goott Photo
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Sue Goott


Sue Goott | Accounting


"The accounting work I do remains behind the scenes, for the most part, and that's the way it should be. I'm happy to help keep the focus on our clients' financial plans by making sure accounting issues don't get in the way."

My parents impressed upon me from an early age the importance of "paying yourself first" by saving 10% of each paycheck, and they also introduced me to the concept of compound interest. Maybe with that background, it's not surprising that I'm married to a financial advisor, have raised a son who has also become one, and I now work with both of them and my daughter in a financial advisory firm. I wonder how my life would be different if my parents had instead impressed upon me the importance of, say, following American football. One wonders whether I would have ended up in Houston… Well, all I can say is "Go, Texans!"

Shortly after John and I moved with our family to Houston in 1981, a partner and I opened a printing shop. But with two young children and no extended family around to help out, it became too difficult to continue, and I sold my share. A few years later, I was asked to help out at Investec for a while, and I'm still at it, looking after the accounting work. I like to think it's because of my skills and not my "relative ability" that keeps me here!

In addition to enjoying working with numbers and the elegance of balancing debits and credits, I'm very fortunate to be able to work with my family a short distance from our home and to have lunch with them almost every day. Outside of work, I enjoy photography, especially making photo albums of our trips to various countries over the years. I also love listening to and attending opera being transported in time and space through the magic of music and stories. I also appreciate good movies and have been involved with organizing the Houston Jewish Film Festival for many years.

Marissa Wilson Photo
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Marissa Wilson

Administrative Assistant

Marissa Wilson | Administrative Assistant


“When I think of financial planning and security, I recall a simple but impactful quote from a man I admire and respect. I can’t put this better than he has, so in the words of Warren Buffett, ‘Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.’ My goal is to help people plant and grow that tree.”

Although I was born and raised in Houston, I’ve always taken every opportunity possible to travel and meet people from different walks of life. The fondest memories I’ve made throughout my travels are often centered around spending time with the locals and learning about their culture, rather than going on extravagant excursions. It’s something I like to call ‘going rogue’ and I highly recommend it. In 2016, I successfully paired this passion with my love of numbers and analytics, and received my BBA in International Business from Houston Baptist University.

Throughout the last few years, pursuits into recruiting and real estate have only further grown my passion for impacting others’ lives in a big way. It’s incredibly powerful to have a strong foundation when navigating life’s milestones, and we owe it to ourselves and our loved ones to plan for the unplanned. Put money in savings even if you’re not saving for anything in particular, get life insurance even if you’re only in your twenties, make investments even if you can only invest a small amount. Lay that foundation so you can overcome all the unpredictable obstacles that life is sure to throw your way.

I’ve experienced the hardship associated with not having the money you need when you need it, and I know that it feels like life is just kicking you while you’re down. Working in the financial services industry gives me the unique opportunity to help others in their journey towards financial security in an economy primarily dominated by consumerism. I’m confident that the team here at Investec will never fail to impress me with their incredible work ethic and commitment to their clients. I am so proud to be part of a company that reflects the same values I hold so highly myself.

In my free time, I enjoy spending quality time with loved ones, especially my two fur babies, Lily and Wednesday. I also enjoy working the right side of my brain a little and venturing into more creative endeavors, like painting and making crafts. I’ve never been one to turn away a good book either.